Is it still possible to put objects off screen?

I'm not sure if I'm just doing the wrong thing, or if something changed, but I was recently trying to make a platformer, and I couldn't get the set pieces to go offscreen. I usually set everything's position in relation to a central platform, then have controls affect that instead of the character.


It should still be possible, but I think the change x or change y blocks in the object's code will limit the object to the screen.




Yeah, just use the Set Position block.

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Maybe "set position to x -50, y -50"?

Oh wow, long time no see! ^^

Do set position blocks not work for you? They haven't changed anything about having objects go outside the project boundary in any of the newer updates.

I was trying to make something based on the game limbo, and the set position blocks would just make the game freeze.

Hm, odd. I think that's a bug, not an error. You can submit the bug by making a new topic or sending an email to; it would help THT a lot if you did. ^^

It's probably because I use a school iPad. If I had something newer it would probably be better. All of my new projects run really slowly, but the old ones are still fine. I really miss being involved in this community.

I believe that's because of how the new version of the app is coded–unfortunately, my newer projects also run extremely slow. I hope they patch this bug.

Also, I'm a big fan of your projects. Don't worry about it too much. :)