Is it really Bullyin g?



Ok, so a lot of people have been claiming that they are being bullie d when just one thing happened. So I made this:

Look, bullyin g is a strong word. It is a filtered word after all. A lot of people don't use it in the best way. But bullyin g is a very serious problem, it's much different than just one mean or rude comment. I'm not saying you can't use this word or whatever, but remember to think a little more about this before it starts creating some new problems.

So instead of calling people a bully, first think about this! I don't think anyone in our community is a bully, though some people can be a little rude or mean at times.


I agree! Thats what we learn at school.


Yes, this was actually a poster at my school! I just felt the need to remind the community :wink:


I love your concept. Look at the project i just published.


I agree! Hopefully this will help remind the community. Thanks! :grinning::+1:


Bullyin' is a strange word, to define one's character based on a singular action is totally unreasonable. To define one's character based on their long term effects is more reasonable, with the flaw that we can never enter someone's head to see how they are thinking.


I agree with @GrizTheBear. One time this girl at school was criticizing me on my dance moves, and she was being really mean and rude about it. Then she gave me the silent treatment. But then we sat next to each other and she asked if we could be friends. This shows how we can never predict what someone is thinking. :slightly_smiling:


Over here in Singapore, we don't get any education like this... I guess you can say you are ALL lucky...

The definitions are very very very (one million "very"s later) very clear...

It is very true indeed...


Well Said! :slightly_smiling:


Nice post! I think we all need a reminder about this.

If it's repetitive, go ahead and report the projects. Don't republish and start a whole drama performance, just report.
Though sometimes somebody leaves a bad note on your project, report his or her project and forget it.

I've also noticed people using projects that others made to be mean to others. Here are the thoughts that go through my head when it happens:
Are they gonna give credit?
Can't they make their own? It's just a simple draw code!
I should take action.
In the meantime, LazyLizard is tired of hitting report...
The projects do not stop, which signals a good time to email the Hopscotch Team about the problem.


Yes I learned that at school, it's a good idea to remind the community that one mean or rude comment/remix/project isn't bully ing


hey makayla:basketball:you have bullyed me