Is it possible to use hopscotch sounds to make a voice and speak English?


People have done a lot of things using sound on hopscotch. They have made music,
Guitars, keyboards, and other cool stuff. Can you make a voice that talks with hopscotches limited sound variety?




Sadly no this would be a awesome thing in the future but would be hard to implement into hopscotch due to the coding to code hopscotch!


Unless someone finds a way to put the sound code into hopscotch, replacing another sound...

No. :frowning:


Like with the music notes they have. You could form it into a voice. (Probably only will say a few words)


I challenge everyone to try to do this. I know I will.


Why can't we record our voices in Hopscotch? Is is a lot of code and work or is there another reason?


You have a point, coding cupcake 123.


One yes a lot of work!

Two people will record others music that people on hopscotch made and then use them with no credit! Anc also copyright!


That would be so awesome! The human mouth is nearly unreplicable (is that a word?), but I would love to see something like that!
@codingCupcake123 it would take a lot of work, and there is no way to filter what people say, so someone could say mean things without being caught.


I'm not sure this is possible, but I would love to see something like it added.


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Maybe they think someone might record inappropriate things?


True. You have a point.


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Well, I think The Hopscotch Team should add that, but you can pick the voice tone and then record you talking. And it says the words you said.

But inappropriate things and rude comments and feedback wouldn't go through, they would change to mumbling.


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What about using your MIDI hack? You can change the code with that! If you found the right format to add it with...


Technically, you can, but it uses HAX!!
Or, you can go the hard way and combine sounds together and sort of make them bend and sound a little bit like human voice. I've tried that, but it doesn't sound that good :frowning: There are rumors out there that Hopscotch will add recordings!


well technically you could... if you could control the length and volume of the given sounds, you could make any sound.

but you'd have to have any code made to do this cycle incredibly fast, as each cycle could only have a single sound wave... sound is just just the length (tone) and height (volume) of a wave, so if you could shorten the pulse of the sounds and were able to control the volume of them in the code, you could do this. but in hopscotch as it currently is you cannot make a human voice with the hopscotch sounds. @Anonymous probably could :3 (not really), I have no idea how he makes that music with a xylophone XD