Is it possible to update the format of a old game?

ok the title of this topic might have sounded weird but I know when you update hopscotch the design of the coding blocks and format of hopscotch only change but there is this weird bug…
so I was coding this game a long time from now and you might see a familllar way how hopscotch once looked like:
the screenshot shown above shows what stayed the same the whole time in the making of this project but when I update hopscotch the values all stay individually labeled D:

this update also doesn’t let the Check If Else work correctly…instead of when Sloth is tapped his invisibility will become 50. If Sloth’s invisibility percent is equal to 50 Dino will become visible if else stay invisible, the code would run as: when Sloth is tapped his invisibility will become 50. If Sloth’s invisibility percent is equal to 50 Dino will stay invisible if else stay invisible

please help!


Talking about what you said about Check Once If, maybe if it doesn’t work you can try something like this?:

set value 50
when sloth is tapped, increase value by 50

when value = 100
increase a value about dino to -100, making them completely visible

sorry if this doesnt work

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Are you asking if it’s possible to update your project so that you have things like Self, and all of the variables are grouped together?

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Yes sorry I worded it weirdly


Yeah, it is possible, although it will break some stuff (you will need to re-enter your variables wherever you are referencing them). Your current object-specific variables will also become iPad variables.

You will need to access the project JSON file using a computer, and change the version number to 26.


I have never accessed a project on a JSON file and I wouldn’t know how to change the version. Can you send me a screenshot? Or give me a reply how to?
I already got the computer part done!


In the .json files there’s an option. I forget what it’s called.


So connect your iPad to your computer (pretty obvious), open iTunes and click on the iPad icon to manage your iPad. On the left sidebar, click on Apps, scroll down and find the File Sharing section. One of the apps you can choose from should be Hopscotch. Click on that, and some folders will appear. Click on the one called json_projects and save it somewhere on your computer hard drive.

Inside the folder you’ll find the JSON files for each of your drafts. Find the one that is for the draft you want to edit (you can look at the date last modified/opened to help you figure out which one it is), then open it in a text editor. The version key should be after scenes.

Change the number (it should be 24) to 26, then save your changes. To load it back onto your iPad, go back into iTunes and delete the json_projects folder in the Hopscotch documents. Click the Add... button (below the file browser in iTunes), find the json_projects folder you saved and add it to your iPad. Sync your device, and once it’s done you should be all good to go! You should refresh Hopscotch first before going back into it by double-clicking your home button and swiping up on the app.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)


I have this bug too, which version are the draft created on? The old editor? That’s what my projects are created with, and it seems like THT haven’t fixed it yet.

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