Is it possible to have a character have AI?


I am in the middle of a two player game on hopscotch and I want there to be a single player option. Is is somehow possible to give a character some kind of AI? Or is this not possible? It would be AMAZING if you had some way of doing this! I will be sure to give you credit on hopscotch if you can help me!


Yeah I'm sure you can just think if you want
A character to disserpear when you tap the button and you could change
Scenes with hopscotches video and when you tap another button it could come back

If I am not making sense I really didn't understand but i like to help


No, not like that, that is just basic hopscotch coding. What I want, is for the character to shoot things at you, walk around randomly, play the game with some strategy, and not just straight up do something.


There is a way of doing movement AI so a character can move around. It depends on what type of game it is and what the players have to do :smiley:

For example you can make AI for Air Hockey as well as making it 2 player (there are great posts on that at this topic and


Oh is it a 2P shooting game? I think it's possible. Do you think you could give us more of an idea on the gameplay? (You can show a screenshot if you want)


Ok, I wanted it to be a 2 p battle game, and you could maybe decide the difficulty and this would be their main AI for all four difficulties:

Easy Mode

On easy mode, the character with it's own AI will mostly try to dodge attacks, not very swiftly and skilled. Attacks you only if you are not attacking it. Only uses special affect if very low as on health (their heart almost touching the skull) the special attack charges over time.

Normal Mode

On normal mode, the robot AI will mostly just act with random. Like, it may see it has strategy on this one, but it's only being random. It will randomly attack, close up or not, may jump and crawl,on the ground when there is nothing to dodge, you see the point.

Hard mode

Every time you press PLAY when it's set to hard mode, the AI will make it choose a random strategy, and go through the pattern of it the entire game.

2 player, but not 2 player

This gamemode is kind of like if you get really good at this game, you have a single player gamemode that is almost like playing against a friend. When set to this mode for the first time, it will have a strategy that is easy to beat. If it possible, I would like it so when on this mode the second time, it will take some idea out of your strategy. If this is not possible, I would like it to simply get more affective strategies as you play it over and over again.

I am sorry to say I don't think I have ANY clue on how to do this, so I have no

screenshots to show you.


So, it's a battle game, you have a special attack that recharg s overtime, you have a shoot attack, your close up attack, you have jump to try to dodge projectiles, and you can duck down a well.


I'll describe part of a game I coded and is now deleted.

You could have a small transparent dots position forever set at the enemies x position plus 20, and the enemies x position minus 20.

When the player touches the dot you can make the enemy do a certain attack or move forwards or back away from the player. You could also have the enemy jump when a projectile touches the dot and the enemy will avoid the projectile.
You could have different dots at different distances and heights for the enemy and different actions can be triggered when something touches them.


Hmmmm, I think I will need some collab help with this! @Stradyvarious? @t1_hopscotch? I could give ONE of you the link to the published not finished project and then I will be easier.


@t1_hopscotch want to collab so I can have help with this?


I'm not up for a collab at the moment I'm sorry :( All the best for your project though :smiley: I'll try to help occasionally where I can.


Ok. @Stradyvarious? Do you want to have another collab, also, or another time?


Sorry too busy at the moment I've got two games I'm working on that are difficult to get right with ,values,timing.


Ok. I understand completely.