Is it possible to go to basic user again?



So, I was looking at GB's profile. And it said she was a basic user. She hasn't uploaded in months though, so would it actually be possible to downgrade into basic user again?

I don't know how, maybe if your not on for a long period of time you get downgraded lower than member. Any opinions?


I think so...!

I'm not super sure, but if your not on for a while, I think u can! :D


I don't think so, at least by natural causes. I thought regular is the first tl you can be demoted (unless a mod/admin was involved).

Way more people that were on months ago still have member.

Unlike other trust levels, you can lose trust level 3 status.

-Discourse Meta


Hm I'm gonna go check


She only has the basic badges

This is weird :0


I swear this is the most serious thing I've ever wrote outside of school


What's that?

Another social media?


Sorta? It's where you share art and cosplay and stuff


Oh cool, what's it called?




Ohhh that!

Yeh I know paigeewoeld, my friends have it but I don't ;-;