Is it possible to delete an image?!


Hi hopscotch! I'm Eliza​:+1: A lot of you guys know me. I was wondering if any of you guys with the subscription know if you can delete images once you upload them. Because what if THT rejects your images BUT ur code took a while and is worth it publishing without the images! As of right now, it doesn't seem like it's possible. So THT, maybe that's an idea for a change in hopscotch.


I have the subscription, but what exactly do you mean?

Edit: Do you mean to just delete the images from your code? Drag the image to the + sign and then a trash can should come up. If you leave the image there, a pop up box should come up saying "Are you sure you want to delete this?" and you can delete it. But I'm not sure if that's what you asked.


Well, if you are talking about removing an image after published just go to the three dots and click unpublish.

Then you can drag the images into the trash can :)

steps to unpublishing


You can't. Sorry.

Also, I know you. I used to follow you. Please tag me when you have an announcement on the forum. :smiley:


I don´t have the subscription, so I have no idea, but as others posted above, it might not be possible. You can email The Hopscotch Team so they can try to help you!


Off topic but still on topic:
It would most likely be the face, for sharing personal information.


Maybe if you edit the .json files.