Is it OK? Poll!



So, many have you have noticed I did some pixel art recently. Now, since I was doing that, I didn't have as much time to make games; which I used to do a lot. So I would like to get an honest opinion on my future of coding.

  • I love the pixel art!!! YOU MUST MAKE MORE! :smile:
  • Do more quotes! Where did those go? πŸ™
  • SmileyAlyssa:blush:???!!!! Do more games!!! I miss them! :disappointed_relieved:
  • I think you should try something completely new! πŸ™ƒ
  • All of the above!:+1:
  • Other (please specify):neutral_face:
  • I have no idea! :yum:
  • Wat? Potatoes are awesome. :sunglasses:


You may choose up to 2 options.


You should make projects that you want to make! :D
All of your projects are awesome. :D


Thanks! I'm just not sure. I'm more of a game person I love them and that's how I've been featured, then I got a lot of postotive feedback on the quotes, and now I'm hooked on pixel art! Than MagmaPOP remixed my pixel art!


I think adding the potato option is not gonna help. :fries:


I did that because sometimes people troll, or they just want to do a second option!


I voted the first one and the last one because, well, potatoes ARE really awesome! But I loved the pixel art! I like all of your projects, so if you make a poll with the exact same options, I'm voting potato and the best choice.


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