Is It Now Possible To Make Custom Animations In Hopscotch?


Even though I don’t have the subscription, I have been thinking about being able to make custom animations of your own characters.
How To Do It-
First, you need the subscription. Then, when you have that you need to create your own character. I reccomend you make it simple, because it is already pretty hard to animate on HS. Now set that as an object. Now use a wait Block, and then use the Set Image block again to draw the same character, but in a different position. The reason why I would reccomend doing this is because if you have a complicated character it can change a lot. Keep repeating this and eventually you can loop it, maybe make a character walking, and he moves around the screen by your finger. Maybe you could make a game out of it!
Thanks for reading! I still haven’t seen this been done on HS before. If you are able to make an animation please share it on this topic!


That’s a nice idea.

I would be more impressed if it was done with no images though :D


Yeah, that would be cool, but I don’t see how it is possible unless if you use dynamic Trail art or shapes


You could also use pixel art, either using cloned squares or clones that redraw the pixelart quickly, or using Unicode text pixelart (see this topic)


Yeah, I guess you could, but pixel art using trails is a form of Trail art…but yeah I have used Unicode


Check Dino run my be. See the Dino, it is possible.

I have already done it in many circumstances. I think you did too.


I see where you’re coming from. But I think it depends on that you’re trying to achieve. Custom animations using pixel art or dynamic trials could be a cool project in of themselves.

However, using Set Image, animated custom characters can be created easily and more importantly, efficiently. So these characters can be a small component of a much larger project without consuming too many objects and without creating too much load (read lag) on the Player.


Some people complain that because it is so easy they will never learn how to code dynamic Trail art.


Weren’t you doing one with really really small sprites? I can’t find the gif you posted.

I found it:

And that super complex gif.


Yes, I think that this is probably possible and it would be really cool. It would be even cooler if it would be made without images though, like @CreationsOfaNoob said.