Is it My Wifi or a Bug?


@Liza @Rodrigo I wanted to know if this was for a lot of people or just me, but just randomly I wanted to make a project, and I was just starting it and I was trying to draw a trail across the top, but when I played it to see how I liked it, I got this:

And its happened to me before, but it loaded within 30 seconds. This is what I had in the code and in project:

So please respond, because if it is poor Wifi I can deal with it, but if it's a bug, well yeah :slight_smile: And thanks for reading!


It's a bug. It is happening to everyone.


Thanks. I was also wondering if I had an outdated version because I play on my school iPad. But pikachu​:blush: is my good school friend and didn't mention an issue like this. Maybe it didn't affect everyone?


It's a Bug! Everyone is experiencing this!
Also, I fixed the spelling mistake in the title!


Thanks fam :slight_smile: I actually don't realize a lot of typos until afterwards XD


But some people have been like, "what bug?" So do they not realize its a bug?


It's happening to me too! If the hopscotch team doesn't fix it I won't be able to finish the challenge...


Yeah.. I hope THT is working on that today if there's nothing better to do..


It happens when you have blank text objects in a project. Adding some text into "Text 2" then removing it with a Set Text block should make it work :smiley:


Oh thanks! THT is also going to fix it up in the meantime, right?


I think there was an update released on Friday that fixed this. If not, Montoya said one on Monday