Is it free to use?



This topic is basically to ask people if some of their projects, ideas, emoticons, etc. are free to use. Its prevents people from accusing you of stealing and stuff like that :slight_smile:. An example of what to do:
hey valgo, can I use you magic orb for my fortune telling project?
So yeah! Ill start it off by saying:
@MagmaPop can I use your zombies from Zombie runner for my game, I'll give credit!


This is a great idea!!! I love it!


All of my projects are free to use, but you can't use my HSB colors. I spent four days writing them down... Sigh...


Not sure if that's an actual question or an example, but no... Those guys stay with me! ;(


oh well, I'll be on a geometric shape website..


Ok, I changed my mind... Do as you please with the zombies! ;]


thanks a ton! those guys are great! I'll gonna put them in my [very secret game]..... `:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


my project are ALL FREE to use!!


Hi! I have a question for @SmilingSnowflakes. Can I use your bunny model? I'm really bad at models, and your bunnies are soooo cute! Of course I would give credit. No worries if no!


My HSB colors are free to use, but you have to give credit to borrow my code :wink:


Sharing is caring! (Unless you steal someone's thing without permission that's not really sharing)


You can use all my projects but if you don't get credit I will report the project!


Reporting might be too rough.... You can just tell him/her :wink:


@CreationsOfaNoob, can I use your old movie filter for my cinema simulator? I will give credit. :smile:


Yeah I don't know because it's not cool to steal! It's against the hopscocth law so I may report!


If they talk back to you in a not-so-nice way or don't respond, they you should report.


When I was beginning, I had no clue what to do. Sometimes, I used people's code without giving them credit. I had just started. it would have been really confusing if I had been reported.


Me too I did some things with out credit!


Yes! Of course! :D :D


Yayyy!!! Thanks!