Is it appropriate to make this game


Would it be appropriate to make a ouija board game or a ghost hunting game


What is that?
@friendship2468 I think requested an unlist tho I'm not sure




Um. I would say no. They are not something to mess around with.


But dot copple made one


I've seen YouTube bids about it and the hopscotch games people made are actually really cool


Look. Stuff has happened with those things. It's dark stuff. I wouldn't.


I mean, well....
A lot of people have different religions. Some religions are okay with that, and some are not. It's best to make projects with things that won't upset a majority.
We don't want a flamey HS. This is just my opinion! :D


It's not only against religions. It's dangerous to mess around with. Very dangerous.


They are NOT, totally.

@friendship2468. just because DotCopple made one a year ago, doesn't mean you should make one now. HS has changed!


Against religions?
Well what about the ghost hunting game I was talking about


I wanted to word it carefully, without upsetting anyone.

Ouija boards are against Christianity, which is my religion.


Ghost hunting? Eh, ghosts are against some religions, but it is pretty neutral, in my opinion.


@buildasnowman @poptart0219 can you guys close and h list his stupid topic
I'm into YouTube way too much


I am Christian.

What I'm saying is I've heard stories. It's not harmless fun. It's very dangerous. Don't not do it just because it's against a religion, don't do it because it's dangerous, no matter what religion you are.


I know, @codingcupcake123. My dad preaches about it.


Is your dad a pastor? Just wondering this has nothing to do with anything

Yeah I've had talks about it at school and learned how bad it is.