Is iPod Touch fast/powerful enough?



Hey guys, I have a question:
Does anyone of you have an iPod touch? I don't want to buy a phone, but I want to have my device to use Hopscotch basically. I used to have a broken iPhone 5 that a friend gave to me, but I used it mainly to play and test Hopscotch, bow it's completly broken I guess it's too old :disappointed: I'm not interested in playing anything else (of course) or having a phone, really.

Does anyone in here has an Pod touch? Are they fast enough or are they laggy? Do they have a good screen? What about the battery life? Are they in cool colors? Are they expensive? Does anyone in here has tried Hopscotch on an iPod touch? It runs smoothly on iPhones 5S and 6, of course, but I haven't tried using an iPod.



I don't have an iPod touch, but I think it'll lag.

I don't know tho. I haven't tried.


I have one. They come in really cool colours but sometimes they're Alitalia slow. They're not expensive though. I have an iPod 5.


Uh, I don't have an iPod. They're generally not expensive. An iPod would seem less powerful than a phone, but I don't think there should be that much of a difference. But considering that Hopscotch is laggy on my iPad Air, I would think that it would probably lag on an iPod as well.

So how did you make your projects that were featured? Did you use your phone?


I have an iPod touch! In fact, I'm using it right now! If possible, I think an iPad would be better. The screen is smol and I find myself not wanting to code.


I have one! It's a little bit more laggy because it's a 5!
So it's a little older. They have a good screen C: I don't know the price but less expensive than an iPad :D
Battery life is ok, it's better when the light level is turned down though.
Hopscotch is a little slower, but not much :wink:
They come in cool colors :stuck_out_tongue:


I don't have an iPhone, only an iPod (cough parents cough :P). Mine isn't laggy at all compared to my really old iPad Mini. They come in blue, pink, yellow, silver, and some other colors. My battery drains fairly quickly, but it charges up just as fast. Just make sure to keep a charger close by. :P Hopscotch runs surprisingly well (way better than my old iPad Mini), and it's not very laggy at all. It's actually easier to use on Hopscotch besides the tiny screen. :smiley:


I used to have an iPhone 5 that a friend gave to me. It was mainly used for Hopscotch testing purposes. So, part of my job is actually playing and make games with Hopscotch :slight_smile:

But now it's broken :confused:

Also: we're working everyday to make Hopscotch less laggy :slight_smile: (I personally believe that some users have surpassed the device capacity :thinking: ).


Oh, I used to think that the iPad was better, but now that I'm used to the new editor I think phone size is super comfortable. I can use them while I'm eating, or waiting in line in the supermarket, in the subway, at coffee shops, etc. I need less space. I can even distract from work and nobody will notice :stuck_out_tongue:


I have an iPod! :D
It's really new tho. :0
Got it in December 2015, so really new compared to some other stuff. XD
It's iPod touch 6 or 5 or 4 or something so it's really new and it works amazingly with hopscotch.

I use da phone version a lot it's rly fun. :D

I think my mom has the iPod touch.
I'll try it soon. :333

Except for the fact that I don't call anyone and that's why I don't have a phone. XD
I would have had a smol little music player if I didn't get an iPod. XD

I'll go test it on my moms iPod. (Like 4-3 yrs old XD)


Awesome. :D
Gr8 job on the new update btw


iPod 5? Are there generations for iPods also? What's the newest one? Are those generation numbers equivalent to the phones? Meaning, is iPod 5 like iPod 5 and so on?




Nooooooo! ;-;

I think the iPod (My moms iPod) is in the room my brother is sleeping in. XD
It doesn't help that he sleeps late. XD

Testing will have to wait. ;-;

@Rodrigo I'm sorry. ;-;
I can't test rn. -;;


Yep! iPod 5 is like iPod 5, but it's also like iPhone 5, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I have an iPod 5 or 4.


Yep theirs generations, just like iPhones and iPads C:
I look up what the newest is!

@Rodrigo, the same as phones! (Not counting the SE)
It's the 6 :D


The iPod has changed

Here is the first or second one


Noice! :D

I have an iPod... 5? 6? 7?
I don't rememeber. XD


It REALLY changed. XD

Walks out of topic because I can't find that iPod


Pingu, I moved it to our room. XD