Is hopscotch unfair?!


Ok, I know you guys will think this is rude, but look at this:

This is THT project, much more plays and likes than original:

Ok, I really hate to be rude, I really do. But the very least they could've done is feature the original project.
Wouldn't you be mad if they did that to YOU? I know, it'll feel good Tht remixed your project, but they didn't feature it, when theirs has much more than yours.


Im sure they got there permission...

I would kind of be happy that my project would get more views


That was 19 weeks ago, the original never got any more plays, hopscotch one is still bustling with plays and likes.


It doesn't really matter. Hopscotch isn't about getting likes and plays. It's about coding. :smile:


Also, if this happened to me, I'd be excited! It's almost like a shoutout from THT!


They must asked for permission. They had to. Why would they take someone's project, republish it, and feature their remix?


Actually no. The person didn't copy the Hopscotch team.
Because it shows that the Hopscotch team remixed the other persons project.


Woops. Well I would love it if they remixed my project, it's like a shoutout :D
Wait. What? How can someone remix something before it was published :O
Am I being really dumb today or is my eyesight bad, or am I right?


Wow that is confusing!
The hopscotch team published it first but it shows the Hopscotch team remixed the other persons project!?


Yeah! I don't get it XD


Oh wait, I checked Hopscotch and he published it 22 weeks ago but he remixed his own project 19 weeks ago and @Itchy took that projects picture.
Makes more sense!

Is hopscotch unfair? 2

That's was really confusing :D




Answer to your title:

No. Not in my opinion. Maybe you think differently, and that's ok, but I don't believe so.


No, that one was a republish.