Is hopscotch unfair? 2


Now, I got people saying that it's not unfair and hopscotch isn't about popularity, which I agree, but here's the thing:
If you were a game Dev, you can't code without popularity, no popularity means no money, no money means NOT BEING ALLOWED TO PUBLISH. Anyways, also if someone copies your game, you or they can be arrested, theirs no proof on who was the original creator.


They most likely asked @Liza and tht

I think its fine. Your not making money off hopscotch


No money doesnt exactly mean no publishing, it just means that you lost money on the last game you created and so,
you wouldnt be able to buy any software to make your next game, which means no more publishing.
Wait wut... I think I just said the same thing.
this is Hopscotch... it doesnt matter, the original creator of the cooking game didnt complain so its probably okay with him...


Okay, well think about this:

How did those "popular" people get to be so popular?

It wasn't an overnight thing, it took time, energy, and lots of hard work.

And I don't really think THT's projects are a good comparison, they run Hopscotch. They are automatically followed when you first join, so you will see their projects anyways.

So maybe look at MagmaPOP. He didn't start out with 10000+++ (I don't know how many, but it's a lot XD) followers. He worked hard and published projects that people liked a lot, so they liked, played, and remixed the project, and eventually followed him! It wasn't like he started out with as many followers as he had after his first project, he worked hard and it paid off. :)

@Niftynia75 ok XD


Lol just wanted to say MP's first project got a feature XD


Great explanation! :clap::clap:


Yes, it does. You need money to keep your games for sale.


Well, do people get money from Hopscotch except the makers?

nope :wink:

Does MotorBikingHummus care and is he complaining???

nope :wink:

Then my work is done. :grinning:


@Itchy you are the only one who is complaining... even the original creator isnt complaining :grin:


Uh...we're not game developers...

Nobody gets money for making gmaes on Hopscotch

This is a coding app listed on the App Store as for 9-11 year olds...

Don't get so worked up. This doesn't really matter on a kids' coding app.


Prove he isn't complaining, also, I'm not complaining. I'm just asking, big difference.


Life's not fair, so yeah


How can I prove hes not complaining?
Lol why dont you ask him yourself.
If Hopscotch was "unfair"
The original creator would've said something already...
Who cares anyways...
You know how long this thing was ago??


It costs money to publish.


This is hopscotch you don't earn any money so why does it even matter