Is Hopscotch too simple


The question
If you have been on Hopscotch for awhile, you might be thinking... This is way to simple. When you ask yourself why, you get this answer... Because it is block code. Then you know what you need...............
TEXT CODE!!!!!!!!!!! Then you think... Hopscotch has that, right? You quickly open the app and tap the + button at the bottom of the screen. Not there... You check for projects about that. There are none. But you want to learn text code... and you know Hopscotch is the best place for that. What do you do?

This is what you do:

I am going to email the THT about this. but they would be more likely to do it if 100 people agree with me. So I am starting a petition about this. If I get 100 people to sign it, we have reached our goal! So tell everyone you know about this. LET'S CHANGE HOPSCOTCH!!!!!!!!!!

petition sheet

@MiracleShoutouts (a.k.a. tankt2016 (boy))
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We will still have the block code editor if they make this change!

Work_kids_coding's general topic (I am doing Q&A too)

@Kiwicute2016 can you make this topic global editable


if we get 100 people to sign it
will the hopscotch team actually do it


@hopscotch_king There is a really really good chance


I think HS is perfectly fine the way it is. It's supposed to be. If you think it is too easy, you should try to learn a different coding language on a different app/program. Also, I think it will take a while to make. THT is busy right now.


@PenguinGaming713 But how does a kid like me learn this language??


If you want text code, download python or lua. Hopscotch is a block language, it was made as a block language and it always will be. Although I don't really think text code is any harder. In fact, I think the opposite. If I want to compute pi in lua, I can do it in 1 line. In hopscotch, it takes logic and thought - not just copying an already made formula.


Written code projects would be really cool... But personally, I just don't think it fits Hopscotch. Hopscotch is (and always was) block coding. Because it's supposed to be easier than written code. If you think Hopscotch is too easy, then try learning C or JavaScript. I think it would be a better challenge than asking THT to completely change Hopscotch.


You can watch videos online and read tutorials. I've never tried to learn anything else, but that's how I would do it!


@PenguinGaming713 can you give me 3 link for learning swift?


@CreativeCoder @BuildASnowman hopscotch is made so that we can learn code


I think text code is just as easy as HS :D
I love coding in Java Script!
I don't really want HS to change tho. I love coding with the blocks!
It has and will always be (I think) block coding :D
It's a start to get people interested in coding, but not meant to be a huge all language thing :\


If I remember. You should ask someone else. I'm a bit busy at the moment!


@smishsmash @BuildASnowman @CreativeCoder What if we could do both? Block code or text code (swift)


@BuildASnowman can you at least make this global editable?


This is just my opinion, but I'd rather have Hopscotch's block coding improve (more math blocks and stuff) than have written code.


It's a step into the languages I learn outside of Hopscotch.


It's bigger to me.

We both have different ideas, and I respect yours. I just really think written code wouldn't work well. Scratch has been going very strong with just blocks.


But what if you had a chose @CreativeCoder?


That's simply wrong - Hopscotch introduces you to so many programming concepts without you even knowing it. Control structures, conditionals, abstraction, oop concepts, and so much more.

A lot of Hopscotch code can be directly just typed into some scripting languages and just with a few tweaks work fine.