Is hopscotch "too addicting" for some users?



Ok so I know whenever u get a new app, u get addicted to it for a few days or weeks, u want to see all the features and everything u can do on that app, well I think hopscotch is different for some users, they get so addicted that all they do is hopscotch and they don't just get out into the fresh air and ride a bike or do somthing like that
They just do hopscotch, hopscotch is educational so its a good thing to do, but some people just do it too much.
Maybe there could be some kind of 'firewall' I'm hopscotch that parents can set and It only lets u go on hopscotch for lets say 5 hours a day, and when the 5 hours is up for a example then a message says your play time is up, exiting hopscotch and saving, and then hopscotch closes and saves,
And they can do somthing else,
This also could be controlled in a menu that u can only get into with a password that only ur parents know, and when the password is right it lets u in to the firewall settings where u can turn the firewall on and off and set how much time to firewall timer runs, and what the message is when the firewall timer goes off
I think this will be a good way to limit screen time, and prevent users from getting so addicted that it interferes with there life and they have to quit.

Please consider this @Admins @staff


Hopscotcher is educational, it's up to the kids to decide whether or not it will affect their lives

That's like taking away medicine because some people abuse it. That's just not fair to other people


I like that idea


Well some hopscotchers over use hopscotch so this is my solution so they don't over use hopscotch get addicted and only do hopscotch and then have to quit because there to addicted
3 people this week quit because they were to addicted


Well more like last week but still


I am addicted to the fourm not as much with hopscotch I'm on it 24/7 but I love the addiction! It's probably my favorite one!


Lol I addicted to Roblox and what I did I got a firewall system to stop me from being on Roblox 24/7 lol
But back on topic


Lol that's awesome


I'm so addicted that I got Roblox on Xbox on my grandparents computer on my laptop and I'm getting it on my iPad in a few days


That's your opinion! You may say 6 hours a day is a lot, but to others that might be really little to them! There are actually apps that can restrict times on games and things, but I think you might want to worry about yourself. People were certainly notice if they're overusing/addicted.


There are apps and parental controls you can do to do something like this.

But I think it should really be the user's responsibility. Like, when I was little, I had set limits for things. But now I don't.
Now I have to be more responsible and get off when I need to or when I feel I’ve been on too long. And I think that’s a good skill to learn.


I am way to addicted but I do do other stuff like play Legos go outside on a walk bike ride or just going out on Pokemon go for a bit!

I do get exercise and I swing,

But I am way addicted.


Yeah that is kinda smol I literally use my iPad all day. :p


No they can't do that coz sometimes peeps like me don't play for weeks then they have a lazy Sunday and spend like half the day on it so if that happened I probes quick especially as it now takes 10 times longer to code with this update


I don't know how to ride a bike. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great topic!


I always found Hopscotch fun, but never addictive.:wink:


Used to be addicted, so I am now rare to this forums. Now I play Pokemon go :D


Ha! Me neither :slight_smile:


I need to HS less. I know it. I try. Next week I can't HS at all, so maybe I'll be less addicted. Or maybe more. Ah we'll see.


The plural is Lego. FYI