Is Hopscotch Online?



Hey, um, is Hopscotch available for PC? I'm just curios and all, so yup. If not, I think it should be.

  • Yup! It is
  • Is it?? I don't know!
  • Nope. {Cries}



Hey, um, Hopscotch doesn't watch us or monitor us on Sundays (lol it's sat.)


No, is there like a PC website?


Wudda?! Body is invalid 202020200202020202020200220022002020202


Hopscotch isn't available for the pc yet, but they are working on it.


Oh, thanks. I saw @PopTart0219 and OrangeScent posting things like, "Getting better online"


No, I just have a terrible time drawing digitally


Oh... okay, okay. i personally think you draw great!!


Maybe if u have mac .-. ._.


Thx LO! I just draw better on paper. Everything's larger, and I can tweak it easier


,Meant LP. Sorry sleepover last night, I know it's 11 for both of us, but still :see_no_evil:


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Lol, I am the exact opposite! I draw better on digital devises for the exact same reason! Also I am only on at like 6 to 9:30 or something... nightbirds!