Is Hopscotch Karaoke Feasible?



Yesterday, I was talking with one of my classmates and he suggested that I should make a Hopscotch Karaoke project. I told him it wasn’t possible but I want to know your opinion.

  • Yes
  • No

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Kinda hard but I think you can make one


Youd need to make a song on hs but i think it could work


In my opinion, karaoke sucks.


That seems kind of difficult and time-consuming, but if you put your mind to it, I think it should work. It may take a bit of time to work out the logistics of it.


Dude you just have music and text that turns yellow


But wouldn’t then every single letter be a seperate object?


Technically you could cut some corners by just having a yellow square that moves across the screen


It would be better if you could upload your own music to hopscotch, unfortunately that’s not a thing.


Yeah, you could do that, but what would you do with the music?


You could make up your own very simple song, or use the MIDI hack.


Uhh… idk I just thought that would be cool


It could work but it will take a while to code all the songs.


I don’t get how this could work


U should and who are u on hopscoth