Is Hopscotch Down?


Is Hopscotch down? I'm 100% positive I'm on wifi and it doesn't seem to work! It just keeps saying Sadface, the community isn't loading.


Yeah, it's down for me as well. Hopefully just a little server fix or something. :slight_smile:


It's happening to me too!i was just going to ask this! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That is happening to me too! I have Internet and it isn't working. I wonder what is happening. @Liza, @Rodrigo, do you know what is going on?


It's down for me also :D

Hopefully it will be up in noTime :D :D


It's happening to me too


it is! and i was just about to publish a porject. ;-;


Wait a second, I just remembered something ;-;

It's Sunday, and THT doesn't work on weekends. ;-;

So there's a chance that Hopscotch will be down for the rest of the day. ;-;-;-;


Yeah, it's down!
Hopefully it'll work soon, until then, I'm gunna sit around drawing :P


Why not listen to music while drawing


:open_mouth: But.... aw man. All day?


Thats what happened to me too!


What even XD

Let's GBOT


It's up for me- and a little laggy.


HS is working for me...


I guess its working now then!


It's working for me now