Is Hopscotch down for you? :0



HS is down for me, is it down for any of you guise? :0

It's really annoying, it's been down for about a day and a half, but it might be more cuz I wasn't on for a while :1

yeah yeah yeah this sounds a lot worse then my other topics XD

So, @Liza, is anything wrong? 3:

-Da Apple selling Doritos on its general topic (pls buy some they're free)


Its not for me...


Thats so funny.... My wifi was changed today.... and the internet was down from some time :stuck_out_tongue:
And so was hopscotch!

But no, its not


@FoodDelivery @MrHotdog64 huh, that's weird :0

Is it jus me..?


Im not sure. You should email THT


Yea! Restart the app (But I assume you have)
If not, wait! Or email!
You can also reboot your ipad


Yeah, I've never done that before... if it carries on I will :D


But thats impossible if your wifi was broken cos you are using it right now to chat


Oh w8... it's back

K what's happening


@FoodDelivery @MrHotdog64 ITS BACK YAS

Wow that's awesome :D


Did it just randomly happen :D




W8 it's gone again ;-;



Yeah... then your wifi has problems


It's working fine for the forum 0-0


please vote^^^


Remember to stay on topic :D


Okay. i deleted the poll. Sorry :slight_smile:


It's ok :D

I get off topic too!

  • Hopscotch is down for you
  • Hopscotch works perfectly fine


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