Is Hiding Code Bad? | Weekly Discussion


There are lots of Hopscotchers who use space bars as their text so that when you go into the code you can't see anything.

Is this bad? Is it protection from plagiarism or stopping Hopscotchers learning from you easily?

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This is interesting. I haven't seen any projects like this before.

This doesn't work from preventing people from seeing the code, you can always make a new object, go into the code then view all the other objects' code from there.


I think they should be allowed to make the choice for themselves. Personally I don't mind that much, and wouldn't bother. Would it make it harder to code if it was harder to see objects?


Quite often I'll leave the text object blank on the stage, especially if the text is long and/or I'm going to shrink the size. Then I add the text and set the size with code blocks. I only do this to reduce clutter on the stage and since the stage only shows the text at 100%. Nothing's actually hidden though since anyone can look at the code in the editor. If you do this, to make it easier to work with, give each blank text an appropriate name so you know what it's for.


I remember before the coding layout was changed it wasn't ways to hide code, but now it's not really possible.
It's an interesting topic though. :slight_smile:


Yes they should be allowed
It gets very annoying when you see 100 projects have the same exact code as yours and not giving credit


Oh, hecka yeah.
<: owl


I have not seen this on HS.


I like when people do this, since it helps prevent plagiarism. Some of the people who plagiarized my projects before had the most immature reactions when I caught them XD


I guess it could be bad if someone wants to learn about what code that person did... but on the other hand, you wouldn't want plagiarism or copying but the person that looked at the code could be giving credit and maybe you never saw they added credit, I believe it depends on what type of person is using the code.
WOW. this was long


I remember seeing MagmaPOP doing this once. It was on the one project where the plane followed your finger. The thing is, I really wanted to see the project's code (so I could have point Towards code), so I was disappointed when I couldn't see how he did this.

Overall, I think this more negatively affects people than positively, because most people don't even think about plagiarizing. Most people will just want to learn a new teqnique for doing something cool.


@Valgo Are you talking about projects in prior versions of the editor where objects could be dragged off the edge of the stage so there was no way to access them?

All objects can be accessed through the editor now so there's no way to hide or prevent access to code, right? (aside from certain json hacks that I won't go into because I agree with you that's it's best for the community to have visible code)


Honestly, I think it's 50% good and 50% bad.

It can be good in some situations because if people go into the code and try and look for it so they can copy, they won't be able to find it unless they know the trick in the update.

It can be bad in some situations because someone may want to use that code in their game, and they will give credit, but they will be really disappointed when they see they can't find it.


It's good if it's a single block that prevents people from cheating.


Yes. That was a LONG time ago, so I couldn't view the code.


I was thinking of the exact same example... the object was hidden between the old Play and + buttons or behind the Play button or something. (I used to use a trick of using another text to display the x and y position coordinates of the object that I was trying to find)

I've learnt so so so much from looking at other people's code and people do give credit to each other. I think the whole community benefits when we share...

I do understand people feeling afraid of not getting credit for their original ideas, and others using it though, although I may feel differently (if lots of other people are using your code, i can see it as a compliment towards you if anything :slight_smile: – you've inspired/given a new tool to heaps of people and I think that alone is rather lovely – but I know others might not feel that way).


I've done that before :P