Is "disturbia" a OK song to make in hopscotch?



I'm thinking of making a song in hopscotch, but first I thought "what song will it be?" Then the first song that came into my mind was... Disturbia. It's an amazing song, made by my favorite singer (Rihanna) if you never heard of the song, go to iTunes and look up "disturbia" and they are a lot of disturbia copycats, but the original one is made by Rihanna. And the song has no bad words in it, and no inappropriate references. But is disturbia appropriate for hopscotch? Please tell me, I really want to make the song. Thanks,


Btw you can suggest other songs as well as long as it doesn't have any bad words and it can't be babyish, classic, or country music.


You can make the song, but you won't be able to make lyrics to it anyway with voice. FREE LIKES PLEASE!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Free likes coming up! And it's ok if I can't make the singing. I concentrate on what noise the instruments make.


I'm gonna start to work on it :wink:


Okay, cool! :wink:



Sneak peek:

It could've been better, if there were more sound options....


What??? No!!! I want to like twice!


I think I'll listen to what drums are in it, you can use drums.


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It includes both: bad words and inappropriate references.
There's the "sh" word in the song and I don't think kids will like that some lyrics say there's a thief in the night coming to grab you.


Then don't include the lyrics! XD


plus, how can I possibly include the singing, it doesn't let you do that


I thought @Ihasfluffycupcakes said there was nothing! And just don't include text with the lyrics!


I thought you were making the lyrics.
@Huggingfluffybear there's a bad word in it if you look up the song.
P.S. I know you can't include the singing

STOP BLOWING UP ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lol its just logic right :stuck_out_tongue: no exploding, there's only music, no lyrics


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