Is "dam.n" OK?(Share Your Opinion)[OLD]



Dis topik is similar to "Is crap okay to say" and "Is 'oh my god' ok".
I respect everyone's opinion on this word even if they disagree with me.
Dis is the place to share opinions about the word "damn", so no fights plz!
Here is da poll:

Do you think "damn" is OK to say?

  • Yep! Saying damn is NBD
  • It's…
  • Meh
  • No, don't say dat word!


Votes are public.

@PopTart0219 can you open dis topeek plz?

Is "dam.n" OK?(Share Your Opinion)[NEW]

If it's blocked by the filter, then they probably don't want you to say it.

I don't think it should be said in the forum :wink:
It's not a word we should use I don't think, and it should be replaced by better words :D
my opinion ^^^

Idk tho, it's not a swear, so, :\
I dun think u should say it.


I don't count it as a swear but I don't know.


Exsactly what does "meh"


Miss Listie



I said meh because I don't know if it's good or bad for younger people to say


Meh means:
Maybe ok maybe not
I dunno
It's sorta ok but I'm not sure
I think is it sometimes ok sometimes not
I know nothin' about dat


No. It's blocked by the filter and many families don't allow it. Sorry!


I don't really care what anyone says. I'm not going to say some things, but I can't control what others say.


Well, it's okay, but not on HS or the Forums.

If it's blocked by the filter, it isn't OK here! :slight_smile:


I don't think it's okey, unless you are talking about beavers and there's no "n".

A lot of people are not allowed to say it. :slight_smile:

And to finish it off, @Gilbert189 made a great topic about passing the filter on Hopscotch and forum as it is not allowed. :wink: (And it will be flagged)


Okay looking at two websites with people of all ages;

Most People don't consider damn a swear word, but some still do. I wouldn't go out screaming it everywhere


Mai opinion:
It's OK for me and da people around me and I don't think it really counts as a curse word so I think is OK to say but I probably won't say it in front of peeps who are NOT OK with it.


I'm not allowed to say it, nobody in my family is.
Sometimes it slips out and it's not a big deal, but I wouldn't say it here :wink:


But it isn't okay here (I say for the millionth time, probably annoying you to death)



We're just sharing opinions it's okay


Yeah I agree.

I have a friend who's from Australia, and she uses that word causally, as we use darn, and was suprised to know we consider that a curse in the US.

People think different things about different words.

Unlike most curses though, I'm not sure if this has an underlying meaning that isn't appropriate.




Same here. :slight_smile:

Well there's a town named after a dam, but my dad likes to joke around it in a playful way that won't harm anybody, but we try to be appropriate.

It also isn't a positive word, and negativity isn't very positive on the forums. :slight_smile: