Is "dam.n" OK?(Share Your Opinion)[NEW]


Dis is da new topik
Link to old topik:

Dis topik is similar to "Is cra.p okay to say" and "Is 'oh my god' ok".
I respect everyone's opinion on this word even if they disagree with me.
Dis is the place to share opinions about the word "damn", so no fights plz!
Here is da poll:

Do you think "damn" is OK to say?

  • Yep! Saying damn is NBD
  • It's…
  • Meh
  • No, don't say dat word!


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BOT, my family doesn't allow it. I've never used it, ever. I know a lot of people say it, and when they do, I don't really mind it, but would prefer if they didn't say it at all.


@StarryDream, I think that PT closed the first topic since people were very off topic,


But, if we don't go off-topic here, will it not be closed?


I don't see any reason to close it other than the other topic being opened.


I invited @PopTart0219 to this topic


Hmm, I think this should be closed, especially since the original was closed.
I understand the purpose of this topic, but the word you're discussing is pretty bad.
I say NO to using this word- it's a pretty bad word. :(

And: do we really need to be using swear or anywhere near bad words at all on the forum? I definitely don't think so, we don't need to use these words to discuss coding. :smile:


As I said, dis topik is similar to @Huggingfluffybear's "Is cra.p ok to say?" and @SmileyAlyssa's
"Is 'oh my god' OK":wink:


I know. :wink:

Miss Listie



Yep! Dis topik won't be closed if we stay on topic all da time!:smile:


I think the forum can be overprotective at times like I'm sure we all say 'damn it' outside of the forum so why can't we say it in the forum.I don't think it's bad but :information_desk_person:Meh I'm not a leader or mod so yeah


You already used that :wink:


Nope nope nope nope nope
Besides, it's blocked by the filter :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly, I don't think you should say it, but it Also shouldn't get flagged if you do accidentally say it.

So basically, I would think try not to say it, but if you do, nothing will really happen


I think it should be avoided, since it IS blocked by the filter. I mean, I'm entering 8th grade but a lot of people here are younger than me by a substantial amount, and if words like d.eath are banned than we really shouldn't be using the word in question. I come from a strict household in terms of language, but I don't think we should be using it anyway.


It is blocked by the filter, and some families don't allow it, so it may offend some hopscotchers. Personally, I wouldn't use it, but that's my opinion.


i dont think its is ok!! i mean i say it simetimes in life but its not appropriate and i dont think using this word would actually really be needed
i actually dont know why we would need this word on the forum anyways but thats my opinion!!!! and if u tend to use that word alot and write it down switch it to darn

@KVJ guten morgen! 7:07 am lol early riser xd


lol well cra.p is not good tp say lol u would get flagged emiedietly lol so dont use it!!!!
i use oh my glob and oh my goblin in case some people may get offended!!!


I don't get the "oh my god"

One person voted on my poll(will not say who)

"I have seen you but don't like you."

Becuase I think saying oh my god is okay