Is criticism on breasts and hips in art appropriate for the forum


lately a lot of people have been giving criticism on breasts and hips without being scared of being flagged for saying "breasts." Back in my day of the forums in 2015, the art topic didn't really have criticism. And once criticism started popping up, they only gave coloring tips or proportion tips. Nowadays the forum is talking about the way people draw bodies and saying someone's art style is bad or whatever. The art topics have really changed a lot....
Back to the point, is giving criticism on breasts and hips appropriate?


Yeah it's ok.

It's not a swear and it's not inappropriate.

They are just parts of the body. Even words that everyone consider swears, are just words that people make a big deal out of


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Yeah it's fine. I thought some of the bodily criticism was uncalled for, and a little rude, but it's really only inappropriate if you make it inappropriate.


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It's not necessarily inappropriate, but it's not really the type of thing you should be giving criticism on a lot. :D

It's probably just the person's style, so (if that's the case) I'd just keep my comments to myself. Some people may consider it offensive if you're judging their art style like that.


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It's not bad till someone makes it bad
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I don't know I think u should say their hips or upper chest area needs a bit of changing. Then explain


I just say chest and not the other...word...


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