Is California Leaving The US?!?!?!



I dunno! But, apparently it is. California is trying to secede from the U.S.!


How is this hopscotch related


gets tagged

How would I know...?


It's not. I just need to get this out there.


Hm, I'm not sure

I'm not american so I can't really say lol

It might be like Brexit cries @KVJ

But idk


Did you know about this before?


that video has rude words in it, you should remove it


I hope not. If it does, bye bye stock market!


Thanks for telling me!


The pound dropped to an all time low in 38 years when we left the EU, but IDK about the dollar?

Hasn't it already fallen today?


IDK. I didn't even know about this! It happened after Trump was elected.


Nope that will not be happening my dad works for the Japanese embassy but it will take at least 2 years to get out of USA


Idk anything about USA (oh, except the name)


Wait what if no they can't gahh




Apparently they can.


How do you know about this?!?!?!


What do you mean 'leaving'? Do you mean that everybody is so sad that they completely just seperate themselves from the USA? I'm confuzzleded.


Yes. This is Brexxit all over again!


Search up Calexit on YouTube or on Google!