* is Being Used for Bad Words


I don't know why people flagged this. I was just trying to bring up the concern of this, I think this topic is completely important and I hope that people stop doing this.


That's terrible! If you report it as bad words, the moderators will see the title and delete it. Or, you could email the Hopscotch Team if it is a concern. In my opinion, definitely report it.


Ahh, bad memories... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


What the bshshasjsjsjssjsjsssjsjjsjsnd! I am joking, so please don't flag, I feel so bad for you! Reaction in real life, :smirk::kissing:🙃:pensive::confounded::tired_face:


Stop swearing, all of you! I know you don't mean to, but this is going too far because I'm a kid, nine and a half. I'm no thirteen, I'm kid. Stop swearing, is a concern


This topic is temporarily closed due to a large number of community flags.


Yes this is an important topic and thanks for bringing it up @Snoopy. I think people are just concerned if you're actually including specific examples of words with asterisks, because it might encourage other people to find ways of getting around the filter. But I know everyone means well, and just don't include specific words when you're talking about it.

Like @CreativeCoder said, if you see something like that, report it and the Hopscotch Team will see.