Is art taking over Hopscotch?


What happened to the times where EVERYONE coded? I feel like art is taking over HS. Instead of making your own games, people just go on Hopscocth to draw! I do agree we should do a little bit of drawing, maybe once a week, but not every day! Does anyone agree? Sorry if I offend anyone!


Please search before you post! :wink: There are many topics about this.


My problem is that on other block coding systems, people take their art and make it into more like animations or games. I feel like their are good artists and art made on hopscotch, but even the featured art I feel shouldn't be featured (understand that the art is amazing... not trying to be mean) because people could go further with it. I see art and say "oh that's cool" but that's it. It's just people should do more.


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Well, we absolutely have no control over that. You can't just say: "no more art!" People wouldn't mind the warning. That leaves hopscotch removing the last touch block. (or another block preventing draw pads) It's the only way to prevent, if that's where you're going. Interested and talented in the hopscotch interface for art, many artists and coders would think: "I'm not using HS anymore!" Then HS would lose money. Without money, bad things will happen.

It might seem crazy what I'm saying, but even the smallest things can prevent or cause a disaster. We know that icebergs start up as a tiny ball of snow or icy material, then eventually becomes a massive berg. (Or a tiny piece of berg breaks from the Antarctic and slips into the ocean, but thats not relevant. The Titanic was thought to be unsinkable, but just a tiny mistake caused more than 2000 people harm.

Also, please search before you post! 5-7 topics were made about this lol.


I agree with @RubyStars! SYBP :sweat_smile:
Anyways, this is similar to what I wrote on the other topics that have the same topic as you do.

Art is a concept that is part of coding! Drawing pads take time, effort, values, and tons of code. It would be a sham if no one used draw pads, if art was not allowed! Although, I do agree with you partly. If people only drew, and never took the time to code, that would be ironic. Why would they download a coding game for art? (This is also the reason why I took up text art on my second ac., SapphireBird.)


xD the titanic is a very good reference in terms of explanation:3