Is Anyone Into REAL Hacking?




I just got Kali Linux, and I'm interested in learning how to hack! Is anyone else learning how or already has experience? :D

I ran into a problem today: I tried sctpscanning my own IP address to see if there are any other computers around me, but I ran into a segmentation error when doing so. I installed Kali correctly, as I was in the OS itself currently. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could someone help? :D


Yes, I have quite a bit of experience.

I don't like Kali Linux though- it's all just given to you. Though I haven't used it much, so I'm no help.

Although there's no "fake" hacking, is there? What are you referring to with the title?


Fake as in guessing account passwords. People on Hopscotch have been "hacked" because of password sharing. :stuck_out_tongue:

The "given" part is my favorite part about it - no other downloads or software necessary, as it takes a while to download all hacking software necessary.

Plus, Kali is secure; its network stuff is disabled by default, so no one can leak into your computer, not to mention that the kernel itself is pretty patched up. Firewalls, proxys. Everything so you don't get hacked while hacking!


My friend's friend knows how to hack. So does my friend. XD
But they don't use hopscotch ;-;


I meant as in the software is just there, you don't really need to do much to get results.


Wouldn't that be a good thing?


Depends. Normally, yes, but I like the hands on stuff.


If you count putting a chromebook in to dev mode and installing linux, yes.


REAL HACKING!? :00000000


Yes, it is. :stuck_out_tongue:


As I read in google, it scans SCTP enabled machines. Is your machine (computer) SCTP-enabled?


SCTP is a protocol though, right? All computers probably are, I believe, although I may be wrong.


I see what you're saying. My dad always says, "hackers try to make things as easily accessible as possible". That's the goal: get into a computer as easily as possible, isn't it?

Although I do see your point as well.


@Rawrbear I have made my own Pokemon ROM hack but I had help from my dad :smile:


No, I think that's a cracker. A hacker and a cracker have multiple differences.
And yes, it is a protocol.


That is not what he means. Making a rom hack is not hacking in this sense.


It is cracking. It is not hacking


Oops sorry I thought that he was talking about hacking games to make them have more content and different features sorry :grinning:



Really? Could I have a download link? :D