Is anyone good at trail art and can help me


Ok so I'm making a Trail art but I can't get anything right plz help


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What specific thing do you need help with?


I can help you! :D

WARNING: I'm not incredible at it, but I'll try :3


@Murphy1 @Rainboom so I'm trying to make a pan with bacon in it and it looks like you are over it


Here's the pan xD


Its beautiful! Lol
Do you want to make it 3-D


Thats a great pan! :D

Maybe draw a handle going down using:

Draw a trail [

Change Y by (-70)



Idk how to make it xD that's why I made a topic @Murphy1


That pan may be to big xD


Ok. 3-D or not 3-D pan choose and I will tell you the code.
Bacon maybe hmm


@Murphy1 ,
3-D I choose xD hard to choose but I pick 3D xD


You there @Murphy1 xD you disappeared


Yeah, I can't help u. I'm useless at trail art.


You can try 3-D shading, only partially, to have a pan?

I'll try and show what I mean.

I'm making the project right now, to show. Please wait for a moment.


Ooook I'd like any help I can get


Would this work for a pan?


Erm, hello? @BaconStudios?

When you do see this, please tell me whether or not it's good enough.

Also, if you want to, you can terminate the code at 25 repetitions.


Man that is amazing thanks


Here are really good trail-artists!
- @Intellection74
- @CreativeCoder
- @SmilingSnowflakes
- @Maltese
- @Gilbert189
- @GysvANDRegulus/@Corvus
There are way more, but these are the first ones that popped into my mind!
EDIT: @FoodDelivery also deserves to be on here!


No @FoodDelivery is the best I've seen


I must add him to my list.