Is anyone else kind of mad?



So I have been scrolling thro the forums topics and I have been releasing that no one is usually talking about Hopscotch anymore!

Please don't flag this it is only a opinion. Also I feel like lots of of hopscotchers (not all) but lots are staying on the forum 24 7 and not being on Hopscotch anymore!

I am not saying that I am not one of these people because I am... but I feel like this is a problem that's all.

laser eyed puppy


Hopscotch was deleted off my iPad by the school. I used to draw on hopscotch, but after it got deleted, I wanted to find another way to post my art. Hence why, I post art here ^^ That is why I am on the forum, I don't have hopscotch anymore.


I agree, but some people can't get Hopscotch. Then again, some people can but they don't have it. And some people do have it and use it. Some people have it and don't use it. Some people want nothing to do with it. It's kind of a mix of people. I don't know that this problem could be fixed though.


Yeah like I said not all hops do that


I have HS the app. But I've noticed that ever since I got the HS forum, I've been spending less and less time on HS. But I can't rlly spend much time on HS because of restrictions. So shrugs I don't know my position on this.......


I know, I try to be HS related


I agree very much Kira if you want what the forum is right now get facebook,, YouTube or something


I have restrictions to my iPad, and my personal phone is a Samsung. But I use Hopscotch.


I am usually doing it. My general topik is full of me collating with @TheDrawer and @FearlessPhoenix.


No idc


Sorry but I'm gonna have to disagree with you a little...
I don't mean to dismiss your opinion, but these are my thoughts:

The forum is really related to hopscotch, and anyone who is unrelated or off-topic.... well... there are always gonna be trolls on the internet. We just have to ignore those people that spread negativity.

I don't think this is much like social media...
Sure you have a profile picture and you get to interact but you also help people with code and drawing. There are some social aspects to the forum but I as far as to say it's like a social media..

Aswell just on another note, not specifically replying to you @KiraForPrez.


I agree... somewhat.
I'm glad you have a different opinion.:grin:


I'm outta likes :heart::point_left: There you go


Yeah, it's kinda sad. I'm not sure what can really be done, at this rate.



They let you be un related in general topics that doesn't mean Ima troll

Oh wait you'll probably ignore this idc


I think she means General Topics unincluded


o I'm unrelated everywhere anyway whoops idc


Yeah what @KiraForPrez said


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I like never out of :heart:️S