Is anyone else into Swift?




I am currently learning another coding language called Swift (if I ever get the chance on my computer)! It's Apple's new coding language for their apps! :smile:

Does anyone else have experience with this coding language? I'm currently making a random number generator! :grin:


I've downloaded the app Swifty for learning so. (Let's redownload!)


I'm not learning Swift yet. I will soon in da future. Right now I'm teaching myself Python. I want to make games and am wondering if Python is the correct coding language for that. XD


Python is the easiest, or so I've heard.


Yea, that's why I chose to learn it. After I mastered it, and make a few games or something. I'll go to da next easiest and so on.


I thought Python was one of the harder languages..?


Nah, it's really easy, if you look up easy coding language, I think python will be there. :wink:


You could download hyperpad and make proper games for the ipad. I'm learning how to use it and you can play games others have freely published. You can publish games to the app store if you have an account. I think it's $9.00 us to purchase. It even has physics for wind direction-strength


Kinda.. Her songs are good I guess,
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Look at this!


I'm attempting to learn how to do Swift, and I also got Xcode, but I don't really know how to do anything except saying something and declaring values.


I want to learn swift, (I have a book on it), bur I don't have my own computer to use it on :cry:


My dad is teaching me Swift and Python. Python is really easy.


Meh. I'm more into JavaScript. I'll check it out tho.


I have used a bit of Objective C, my dad makes mapping software, his coding experience is sometimes very helpful.


There's a better program for the Mac called Xcode, which lets you code Swift. Since I have Windows, I'm trying to find a Mac OS X VirtualBox so I can get Xcode. Xcode is probably the best Swift engine out there (in my opinion).


Xcode is insanely hard :persevere:


Really..? Why?


Well it is quite nice! But very hard, but my opinion is much affected by not being able to find any good pixel art...


I like the app Swifty, not sure of the language though! Swifty teaches Java :wink:
Swift is my third most relevant language. I just finished Java, learning Python, then HTML and hopefully some others!