Is any one still a bear because I am and it's starting to make me mad


If anyone has this problem tell me and I have tried Emailing the HOPSCOTCH HQ!


Try asking a monitor on the forum. Sorry bout that.


What is a monitor? And I have to have twenty characters so I'm writing random stuff


A monitor is someone who moderates (watches) the forum. You can ask the admins like @Liza. I'd probably go with @Ian because he;s online a lot. What do you mean by your topic title?


Guess what in the next update you can change avatars yourself!


Great to hear that, @Gabe_N! So like changing our own original Hopscotch character? That's awesome :smile:


Oh no @Fifithefunnyflower!!! So sorry about this! Not sure why we haven't seen your email. Last week or the week before we found out some emails were getting caught in our spam filter, and we tried to recover as many as we could.

I am SO sorry if your's wasn't recovered. What's your current username and which avatar would you like to be?

PS- in the next update you'll be able to switch your own avatar


My username is Fifi the funny flower and I was a cupcake