Irma/Harvey Coding Contest


As you probably have heard sadly Texas was hit with a catagory 4 and is suffering. You also probably know that a deadly catagory 5 is about to reach Florida. To spread awareness on Hopscotch about this, I’m hosting a coding competition were you must make a project to show how much you care about the people effected by this. There is no specific guidelines but it’s due in on 9/20/17. Good luck and best wishes to the people in these states. @OMTL


It was actually category 4


Ok thanks for finding that typo, I’ll edit that in.


@AHappyCoder Maybe this can be a side natural disaster project? Like, if someone in our group isn’t working on the other project, they could code this?


Ok! I might do it if school will be less busy


That would be great!


4 more days until entries are due!


Does anyone have a submission even if it’s late


Oh, eh… sorry. Can you wait until I and AHappyCoder are done with our first natural disaster project? Then we can focus on this one…