Irl teams competition! :D



Who do you know irl?

So, this is a game where there will be teams from everyone you know in real life. We will compete in a coding contest every 2 months. You have 1 month to make the project. Sometimes they'll be art challenges in hopscotch. Every time a team wins a contest, they get 10 points. 2nd place gets 5, and 3rd place gets 3. There will be 5 people that are gonna give prizes to the winners, and they're gonna decide what they're gonna give to them. If you want to be one of those people, then please tell me. You can name your team whatever you want, but the people from your team have to agree with that name. You can quit anytime. You can make the project however you want (collab acc, doing it irl with partners, etc.)

Prize givers




Team info

Team triggered tacos

Points: 0



And incase u were wondering, yes I'm coming back to hopscotch to do this

And also I need judges cuz I'm part of a team (judges will also make up the challenges for each contest)


Hallo I know 0 hops IRL




I'm forever alone

Well aren't I just a dud


Do you wanna do this?


Ehhhhh not lotsa ppl now ppl


@ChocolateFox wanna do this?


Does anyone wanna be prize givers or judge


No one


Ill do prizes


@MrHotdog64 Ima make our flag brb




Wait my ipads disabled....

screw it ill steal my brothers!


Call the tech guy dude

Pix's topic 5 let's try again 🇲🇽

I'll do prizes too


On thanksgiving break I dun think it will work
I put in a ticket


Your OTML has been delivered


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Well, I do not know anyone. I don't know if this is fair for people who don't know others.


My only frens on Hopscotch don't have the forum lol ;-;


I'll do prizes pls



Go team triggered tacos