Irish Week on Hopsotch!



Hello! I wanted to practice my Irish skills, and practice hopscotch, so I decided to start a little something I like to call Irish Week! So basically I will only be speaking Irish, and I will be making Irish themed projects for a whole week! This is just a warning before I start randomly speaking Irish on hopscotch and the forum!
Quick poll:
How do you feel about this Irish Week?

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I'm making a ton or St. Patrick's day projects! Or I'm going to try to! :four_leaf_clover:


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@Destined_Taco1 I thought most people in Ireland spoke English. Is that wrong? By, the way, GREAT idea!


@Destined_Taco1 great idea! im irish! but i only think 8% of people in ireland speak irish! Most just have a hint of the accent!


That's what I thought! Thanks @SnowGirl_Studios !


Same let the luck begin


This is an interestingly creative idea! xD
I'm going to start to make a few St. Patrick 's day projects...


Love the idea! I'm one hundred percent Irish, so I'm really looking forward to it!


Yep, not that much people speak Irish :l. But it's such a easy language to learn (in my opinion)!
EDIT: lol I forgot to speak Irish!: Níl labhraíonn go leor daoine na héireann, ach tá sé ina teanga éasca a fhoghlaim!


Welcome to the forum! I want to make some projects for this!