IQCreator277’s Project Updates

In here, I will list all the updates to my games.
Here is the most popular game I got: Updates will be added here at Antigravity dash. For the meantime, please suggest any ideas I can add to the game.


the game is pretty fun to play!

maybe a more detailed menu screen, you could maybe add a bolded or a different coloured title and maybe more detail on the buttons (in the level select as well)

also, the gameplay is really nice, but its kinda lacking detail and looks kinda empty. maybe if you added more obstacles and more depth to each level. overall its a great project, but i think it needs more detailing. /lh


this is what i needed, because i didn’t have any ideas for detailing, thanks
however when i was planning the game i gave myself a challenge to not use emojis, because when it’s a web game it breaks… i want it to be a web game
also idk how to add detail to buttons because shadowing is impossible the shadow is always infront of the button even though the shadow has repeat forever send back


id recommend using z index blocks instead of send to back, its way easier to used and less buggy.


Still not working
Edit: i fixed it


This game is really well made!
It’s simple, yet very enjoyable!


Version 1.6 is coming at September 4 or more!
New additions include:

  • Starlight Studio’s Suggestion: Skin Gradients
  • 2 new levels
  • Option to difficulty scale in Endless Mode
  • And introducing a new special in Levels 11 and 12… Coins
  • A new obstacle just like clownpig said…. Floating Mines, Gravity Reversal Zones and Gravity Wells (they have increased gravity)
  • New minigame similar to Endless Mode called Flying Mode where you fly your cube similar to straight flying in Geometry Dash

I can add other options, please suggest things
Also I have challenges for you guys if you want to do it
Beat Level 10 aka the boss level
Get 10,000 score or more in Endless Mode
And for future challenges…
Get 5,000 in flying mode.

Btw I have some challenges you can do in my other projects. Don’t cheat! That will ruin all the fun. Also post the remix of the game with the thumbnail showing proof.

  1. On Difficulty 7, Get 10,000 score in Lane Dash
  2. Get 2500 cookies per second in Cookie Clicker.
  3. Get 1,000 score in Meteor Dodge
  4. Get 50 score or more in Don’t Drop It

Update: Coins are scrapped because it has no use and it’s hard to code. Everything should be free!

Version 1.6.1 is coming!
New features:
Coins (you get coins based on hard the level is)

Since Antigravity isn’t receiving a curation, i’ll do this game changing update.
Version 1.7!
Comes with:
Levels 13 to 20
A new obstacle, Bounce Pad
A loading screen for tips
Better screen transitions
Obstacle list
Better menu
Coins as promised
Level creator finally
Power ups like slow down and speed up (setting has option to enable and disable it)
Easter eggs
Mini games
Hard mode
Better background
Detail and depth into levels
Shape art
@StarlightStudios hope you nominate it when the update comes
Also a question, why am i not adding music? I don’t have any idea on when to put music like what kind, and i’m also lazy to do it, so that’s why
This will be the final update, I don’t know what else to add. I’ll work on my new game named Time Machine. Only minor bug fixes will be made.
Aiming for 150 likes and excellent (rising is good for me)
If it gets on excellent (which i highly doubt), it might be the first shape and text only game on excellent??
Also i highly doubt no one plays the game…

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I’m glad but stop being passive aggressive towards us about it. We find games, review them, and send them for curation that’s it.


what no what are you talking about
just open the excellent channel yourself and you have your answer to that question

exciting updates tho!


Sorry for the delay, I’m busy with doing something so that’s why I am not able to post games.

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Version 1.7’s release is continued now.

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