iPix, a new square pixel pad made by CodingNewbie- Start drawing and sharing your drawings now!



iPix is here!!

About iPix

iPix is a square pixel pad which you can make your own square pixel drawing and sharing it to the world with(Using varieties of colours, like random style!).
You can try it out on the "Hopscotch" app(by searching) or beta-test it by clicking the link below...!!!

Try it out!! You'll love it!-#ipixforhopscotch

You can try it out by clicking this or search "iPix" on the app to try it!!!

Latest version is currently 1.1, iPix will be updated as soon as possible.

Give the creator some extra ideas for updates!

You can also give the creator of this topic ideas for updates if you would like, I'll really appreciate your support- @CodingNewbie


iPix 1.1 is here!!!!! :smiley:

New features!! Click here!

New: added black drawing colour-you can now make simple drawings out of pixels!!!!




It's cool!:clap::+1::grinning: