Iphone X? CONTEST!


Idk if y’all know yet but iPhone X (aka iphone 10)
dont know what happend to 9
iPhone X!!!
So we’re doing a contest who can make a programming iPhone X on hopscotch! I want to see your ideas!! :slight_smile:
Don’t copy old iPhone projects.
Use hopscotch only.
No coding partners!!



The iPhone SE counted as its own iPhone separate from any oyher base model. It was like an iPhone 6, but had the size of an iPhone 5.


No it’s nothing like the iPhone se or 5 the home button isn’t there anymore. Ether is the,power button.


Okay, I will participate in this contest! This is a really good idea!


What I mean is the software…the software is like a 6 but in the shape of a five. I didn’t say identical to any other iPhone…


Oooohhh but yea ok. K


YAYYYYY!! thanks :slight_smile:


I’ll participate in this!

Am I supposed to make a general project about the iPhone X or a project with a “working” iPhone X?


Either one :slight_smile:
Re-quote this:)


The prize should be a iphone X



It’s the iPhone X, meaning 10, because it’s the 10th anniversary of the iPhone


iPhone 9 will probably not be made because 7 8 9.
get it?
seven ate nine


ahahahaahah nice :slight_smile: lol


When are this challenge going to end? :slight_smile:


Oh yes. October 15th


Okay! Thank you for telling me that.




I have an entry to the challenge!


NICE!!! dang that is rlly good


From the title it looked like you were giving away an iPhone X, so I was like, “OMG, how is she gonna give the winner if they win?!”

but i clicked anyway :slight_smile: