iPhone photography


I think there is no topic like this!
So you can only post pics from your iPhone!

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Um, pics of what?


I don't care unless it's not appropriate


Right... so dis be related?



Well there is a photography topic:

I'm pretty sure it's for all photography​:slight_smile:


Well there is iPad and camera photography but there isn't a iPhone photography


Mmmmm the first pic looks so yummy!


Thanks! We made it in Home Ec Class!


I mean... it's kinda like the drawing topic, it says drawing, but a painting topic would just be told to post in there.


I don't have an iPhone yet. I have an iPad, though...


Isn't this just like the Ipad and Camera Photography topic...:0


This seems a cool topic, but there's already a topic like this... Perhaps recycle??


I don't have a phone ......


Well...on my iPhone I have pics of memes (Melanie Martinez and stuff) My face, Undertale fanart and random stuff to do with Inside Jokes


Well here is something...it's my feet XD on a beach


Idk. Just random


Why did people like this?


I took this when we got a foot of snow


Hope this is appropriate