iPhone\iPod HS Beta Snapshots



Hey guys! I am now taking requests to see what the new iPhone interface looks like, I am not going to reveal everything but small things I will show, reply below!


Anybody?? I have the beta!


My mom is probably not gonna get it.


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Someone-I think it was F4LO- said Liza PMed them saying it's okay to show pictures as long as it's not revealing too much :wink:

Still! Try to keep it a surprise overall for others! :D


Uploading... sorry I didn't respond earlier, I have terrible wi-fi


The HS IPhone beta (actually alpha right now)

is an app where you program schtuffs!


Hmm. Only little things, for example, a different color scheme.


I'm actually testing the iPhone version but don't want to share any pics bc it will ruin the fun


I mean the iPad update...I haven't heard about a new colur scheme.


but could I just show a couple pictures of the game changers in the iPhone format?


That was just an example, it's not actually happening.


Yeah, okay! Thanks! HITN20C?


could I? I am really excited for the update


No pictures, just descriptions, if that helps!


Is this ok?

is it?

can I do a picture of the game changers in iPhone format?
Just saw your last post and didn't do it


I'm going to challenge you to use words! Up for the challenge?


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Tag me next time
I see all