iPhone editing?!


Hi! @Liza (or anyone else that knows this please answer)

Is the IPhone still going to be added in or not.... And if it is, is it a new Hopscotch app or new update? Thanks!


I think it will be a new update for the iPhone and yes I think the Hopscotch Team are working on it, but as with everything it takes time :smiley:


:slightly_smiling: my friend and I are really wanting this IPhone update.... Thanks for responding @t1_hopscotch in less than a minute! Please you can still post more about this!


It is, as @Liza quoted "We're busy working away on a new editor for the iPhone! It's gonna be awesome..."


HYPE GD vault music plays


Will we be able to access the phone with out account?


I have no idea :laughing:


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Cool so this year! Finally!! 202020202


iPhone version is now being tested! Yay!


Yay! I don't have a phone tho......


I do! But sadly it a an iPhone 4, and won't upgrade past 7.0, and HS beta requires 8.0 or higher, ask i cant :expressionless: