iPhone can't play project in landscape (again)

1 sentence description of the problem: iPhone can’t play published projects in landscape mode in the new scenes update

Steps to reproduce the problem every time, (not in a blank draft because it’s with published projects):

  1. Enter a project
  2. Wait for it to load
  3. Turn phone sideways

I expected this to happen:
Project turns sideways like it did on older app versions

Expected landscape rotation while playing project: Can’t switch to landscape on a project - #10 by Awesome_E

But instead this happened:
Doesn’t rotate

Can’t really show a wrong orientation in video or screenshot

Your username: Awesome_E

Device type, iOS version & Hopscotch version:
iPhone 15,2; iOS 16.0.2; HS v3.57.0


This still happens to me, hopefully it fixes