Iphone 7 wallpaper contest!



Welcome to the iphone 7 wallpaper contest!

In this contest, you have to code a wallpaper from the iphone 7.

There are two rules

  • It cannot be drawn, it must be coded
  • You can only enter 1 project

You don’t need to say which wallpaper you are doing but you can if you want

When you want to enter just post a link of your project

You can do any wallpaper out of these


It doesn’t need to be exactly like the wallpaper just somewhat

The contest starts on Thursday (7th of September)

And ends on the 1st of October


  • A song request
  • Likes on hopscotch
  • Something else (winner can choose something)


I might of missed something idk if I did


Woah these look pretty challenging


Anyone doing anything?

probably not idk


I did some iOS 11 wallpapers, does that count?


Q: do you have ios 11 too?


No it doesn’t


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Anyone interested in this?


Sorry I don’t do trail art or contests much. :confused:


It doesn’t need to be trail art

But you don’t need to do it if you don’t want to


And why would that be relevant to iPhone 7 wallpapers?


I’ll do this one


Not really. I would ask Kay Kat if she was, but she is working on a bog trail art rn.


Great idea! But I’m kinda busy at the moment. 6th grade is annoying


I might join this if I find any to recreate.


I did this one:

And mine looks like this:

Here is the link. This one was soo hard!


Here’s my entry!


Here’s what I did