iPad websites to isolate vocals or use iMovie to isolate vocals or take away voice from video?


If I ever make a YouTube account, while I do hopscotch videos, I'll want music in the background. I would use the background music of songs like feeling myself and back to back. So I wouldn't want the bad words but I wouldn't want a clean verison either. I'd want to learn how to isolate vocals and make "karaoke" versions of the songs, my only app being iMovie. I'd download YouTube videos and upload them to iMovie, trying to figure out how to isolate the vocals. Nothing works at the moment because of my little knowledge of all the sound things.
I'd need a good website to upload the videos, isolate vocals or make instrumentals. I'd need to be able to save the new video. Please give me good websites or an iMovie app tutorial so I can put those songs on videos.
Thank you and don't flag and say "Hopscotch related pls" because it is.


Oh wow, that's not almost impossible, it's extremely hard. It'll be easier to find a karaoke version.


I'm not sure if there are any iPad apps which are able to do this, and if there are, I'm not sure if they are good/free. It is certainly possible on a computer, but it's not perfect.


Lol I typed impossible. Sorry if it was confusing


I was hi king hat as well, but I thought that learning these things would come in handy. I also really need isolated vocals for edits tbh


hint hint instrumental versions hint hint


I suggest Audacity. Audacity is an application that allows you to isolate vocals and such easily, and allows you to customize similar features of the song/audio track.

I've used it before, for several attempts at helping a friend learn how to sing a song. It's quite easy once you get the hang of it!


IS it a website or an app that isn't available on the App Store


I use that too :D


It's for computers only sadly


Yas audacity is da best



You can just go into the Effects menu and choose Remove Vocals in Audacity...


Yeah, I do that. This video I haven't watched. I just pulled it from the web.


That's very hard to just simply take out the vocals, and impossible in iMovie.