iPad (W.I.P, Need suggestions)



I’m working on making an iPad, and I need suggestions. Right now it has 4 apps
-App Store
Future apps
-Wallpaper maker
-Flappy Bird
-Crossy Road
-Cookie Clicker
-Fire Monster Fight
I need suggestions

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Edit: lol I forgot the link


You tag @ POMTL for game reviews, that kind of stuff.

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Idea thanks to @Houseelf87!


Possibly a geometry dash or a contacts app, but the contacts are HS characters.


Cool iPad! It needs a lot of work though!


I feel you need ideas, use any from mine I made back when these type of projects were popular.

See how much I’ve progressed?

Also, R.I.P pre screenshot thumbnails.


Great! Maybe work a bit on the App Store though…


It looks so cool! I remember a long time ago, everyone was coding iPads!


Good idea!


It looks really good so far! I think that it would be cool if you added more apps in the App Store! And maybe you could add backgrounds and music? It’s just some ideas, but I think that it would be cool if you added them to your iPad.


I made and iPad if u want you can use some of the apps


It was only 2014. That’s recent. Right?


I love how u can turn the brightness up/down!!


I like the iPad it’s pretty kewl