ipad vs Paper issues


Hey everyone, Mew Meow Arts here. I was just wondering if anyone else had this issue, I mean… it’s not really an issue I guess but… well, let me explain. Has anyone here noticed, ( particularly artists I suppose ) that whenever you draw on Hopscotch, or just an iPad, that your art isn’t really as good as your art that you’ve drawn on paper/ your sketchbook? I mean, when I was filming my video for my YouTube channel a few days ago ( I don’t think I mentioned this topic in the vid) I noticed that the art in my sketch book was actually a lot more… better looking than it was on the iPad. So the question I have for you all is why. Why is the paper art so much more better than our IPad art. Is it because when we draw on paper we have a bigger space to draw on? Idk. So, I was just wondering if any of you have any theories about this. Just curious.


How is it related to hopscotch?
And it depends on you. Some people are better at paper and some are better at iPad drawing.
Pls stop making topics not related to hopscotch. This forum is coding issues,not drawing issues.


Yes, I believe that! I draw really good on paper but not on iPad…


This is kind of relat3d because there are drawing pads.


I think it’s related because this person is talking about drawing on HS


I know that.
You can talk about it somewhere else like the drawing topic.
The forum gets clogged.


What do you mean? This IS related to hopscotch and you can probably ask for tips for a drawing pad here… I don’t want to fight but, not everyone’s going to listen to you bye…


Who even listens to me anyways…


Me, just saying there are people who don’t listen thats all I’m trying to say…


No,that’s actually true. Nobody ever listens to me. Whether I am right or wrong.


I listen to you, I am right now * cough *


Have you been listening to propaganda? You’ve only been here for less than two months and you’re already talking about how the forum is clogged?

And, by the way, I’m not really getting this whole ‘you’re clogging the forum’ thing. Are you referring to the forum as a toilet being clogged with a bunch of GTs?

The forum doesn’t really get clogged necessarily… there’s a reason why we have categories, you know. It’s an easy way to find what you want, when you want it, without having to scroll through the mass of GTs you’re talking about.

Just my two cents.

And, @MewMeowArts, I’m sorry that your first day here started with your first topic being clogged (pun intended) with an arguement. Feel free to tag me as @AwesomeNachos if you want to talk!


Yeah, sorry I had been trying to explain something. Um yeah.


Oh, you can still post it!

I like reading replies. :3


No I mean, me explaining makes a war I guess…


Oh… I get that. Maybe explain it on your GT…?


Oh, I mean, I normally type reply’s on the topic that the reply before came on…


Oh, that okay. Guess I won’t be reading any new replies soon! XD

slinks back to topics from 4 years ago


BTW, this person is new! She is learning the ways of a fourmer! Just talk to her nicely… @MewMeowArts, welcome! Sorry for the argument!


I didn’t mean to start a argument. Sorry for that.