Ipad or Computer?


Hey this is my first actual topic instead of saying hi im new so i want you to tell me which one you like better to use for forum Ipad or Computer?


iPad definitely. Computer is just... wrong XD


:computer:, because it's easier to not make mistakes and it's easier to copy/paste


I'm on iPad but I use the desktop version


I use my iPhone! :smiley::+1:


@Dude73 can you please make me a poll!


Sure! What do you want the options to be?


Ipad or computer and can you edit it on my title?


I can't edit posts, only leaders and up can do that. ;-;


I think for me the Computer is better for forum.


Oh then can you edit my first post please!


I won't be able to do that, I can only edit titles. ;n;

  • Computer
  • iPad


Votes are public.


I use my iPhone! :smile:


I use iPhone and iPad.

I only used computer once.

lol the lack of articles ^ :pensive: