iPad on Hopscotch! COLLAB!



This is a #big Collab! It's an iPad in Hopscotch! And it will include Hopscotch! Not sure if this will work, but give ye olde hard projects work and ye olde project will come together! (Sorry for using "ye olde" I wanted to :laughing:). We'll need trail art Hopscotchers and more! I think you should be able to buy your own apps (without your own money, you will be given money in the game.). What do you think?

  • Yes
  • No


Here is the sign-up sheet!
Hopscotch username:
Forum username:
Special at (example Trail art, values, etc.):
Favorite block:


Someone can create a Collab account, I don't like trading drafts.
Trail art (need 5):
Safari (need 5):
App Store (need 3):
Other (need minimum 10 maximum: 25): @Redo122 (Smooth background and scenery) @Rainboom (3D Shading)
People who help with everything (limit 25): @tankt2016, @EnchantedAnimallover, @Silver_girl
People that are accepted:
@tankt2016 @EnchantedAnimallover @Silver_girl @Redo122 @Rainboom
People who aren't accepted and why:

MAS TAG LIST OF DESTRUCTION (Rawrbear's tag list)


One more thing: someone create the account!
And everyone will get credit if they work on it or help on the forum!


Please stop voting and reply.


This is kinda a copy of mine...


I dunno! All bloscks are awesome! Can I create account? Can I help with everything?


Can I please see your topic?


Sure, create an account! I'll put you up on everything!


What is user? What is pw?


You commented on it..

It's Hopscotch In Hopscotch (Collab)


User is: iPad Collab

Quote for pass. Tell when you do.


Maybe RPs

I'll work on App Store, but if that's not possible I'll work on Safari :thumbsup:🏻


I quoted it! It's not working.


Oh yeah, but that is Hopscotch in Hopscotch not iPad on Hopscotch.


Trail art
All blocks
Can I help with everything also it's ok if you say no


Try doing it now. I wonder why it's not working.


Ok that's fine

Now that I really look at it its different :D




I still haven't gotten it.


Okay you are in @Silver_girl!
@rainboom, sorry, but you don't really code RPs. So you aren't in. Maybe your next specialty.


Okay. Quote this for password.


Ummm.... Sorry to be annoying, but it's still not working. Where do u expect the PW is supposed to be.


I already got you.